Monday, June 11, 2012

You Drive A What ?

While driving south to Corpus Christi, I decided to leave the main Hiway 59 and detour through the town of Victoria. While taking the old Business Route 59, which was once "The Main Highway," I spotted an old car dealership which appeared to have an old late 60's Chrysler sitting in the window. I was amazed when I pulled over to get a closer look. Walking up to the window I was gazing on these wonderful Art Cars. Sometimes it's well worth taking the road less traveled.

1960s Chrysler Airport Limo recreated as El Rancho Grande hacienda mobile.
Behind the Chrysler is something that looks like it is from Prometheus

Part Alien and part rocket ship / transporter

and then there is the Easter Bunny mobile, complete with fur covered door.

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