Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now here's something worth seeing...

...located on Rte. 400 is Mullinville, Kansas, home to Mr. M T Ligget. Mr. Ligget is a political sculptor and he is undoubtedly the most famous resident on the 'burg. Who else do you know of from Mullinville who is listed in the book, Roadside America?

Here's a closer look at his "handiwork!" which includes political figures, mythical subjects, and cute Little animals. Here's Diana and Pegasus the flying horse, depicted as a spinning railroad crossing:

Obviously he has no love loss for Hillary:

There's no lack ok subject matter along the roadside museum ...

The display stretches along the highway for several 100 yards, so if your out on Rte. 400 look out for Mullinville, and get a copy of "The Jet Set," a song by George Jones and Tammy Wynette, which mentions this town by name.

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