Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Signs Along The Road of Life

I like theater signs and marquees! Bigger the better...and these are no exception. We just arrived in St. Louis and were greeted by these theaters. They are located, not in the central business district, but between downtown and Forest Park (more on this later) and they do have some BIG verticle signage...and not to be left out, the 3rd Baptist Church joined in on the action.

The Foxneon is joined by the neon of Big Brothers and Big Sisters

The Powell is across the street from the Fox.

Third Baptist is next to the Powell and lights up, too!

Sleep in a TeePee and keep your WigWam!

These were made famous again in the movie Cars where the Cozy Cone Motel was a prominent feature of the town of  Radiator Springs, but during the days of the open road Tee Pee Motels and Wig Wam Motels stretched across the country from Florida to Arizona. These are in the town of Whorton, Texas on old Hiway 59 and again avaiable for rent. So tonight, you too can sleep in a Tee Pee.

A great neon welcomes weary travelers

Here's the line up, so pick out your favorite.

Here's my favorite...I think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Everybody Loves The Movies . . .

. . . so what could go wrong investing in a theater?

In my travels around the state of Texas and beyond, I love to swerve off the main highways on a regular basis and look for old theaters, motels, and gas stations from  previous decades when the main hi-way always ran right through the town. I imagine the days when everybody went to the movies and the local movie was the place to go on Friday and Saturday night. Well things do change, just ask Blockbuster, and most of these old movie houses sit empty and abandoned. And I think to myself, these would make great live music venues, everybody loves music . . . what could go wrong?

A huge theater, which shall remain nameless, in Corpus.

Centre Theater on Water Street, Corpus Christi, in the center of their "entertainment district."

In many places the theater is named after their town, Ganado, Texas, which is the only one I've seen still open!.

The Lavaca, in Port Lavaca, with a  sell out on Velvetene Rabbit, no doubt!

I always swing through Wharton to check on the Plaza.
This is a new find in downtown Rosenberg, home of the Czech Heritage Day Celebration!

Monday, June 11, 2012

You Drive A What ?

While driving south to Corpus Christi, I decided to leave the main Hiway 59 and detour through the town of Victoria. While taking the old Business Route 59, which was once "The Main Highway," I spotted an old car dealership which appeared to have an old late 60's Chrysler sitting in the window. I was amazed when I pulled over to get a closer look. Walking up to the window I was gazing on these wonderful Art Cars. Sometimes it's well worth taking the road less traveled.

1960s Chrysler Airport Limo recreated as El Rancho Grande hacienda mobile.
Behind the Chrysler is something that looks like it is from Prometheus

Part Alien and part rocket ship / transporter

and then there is the Easter Bunny mobile, complete with fur covered door.