Monday, June 18, 2012

Everybody Loves The Movies . . .

. . . so what could go wrong investing in a theater?

In my travels around the state of Texas and beyond, I love to swerve off the main highways on a regular basis and look for old theaters, motels, and gas stations from  previous decades when the main hi-way always ran right through the town. I imagine the days when everybody went to the movies and the local movie was the place to go on Friday and Saturday night. Well things do change, just ask Blockbuster, and most of these old movie houses sit empty and abandoned. And I think to myself, these would make great live music venues, everybody loves music . . . what could go wrong?

A huge theater, which shall remain nameless, in Corpus.

Centre Theater on Water Street, Corpus Christi, in the center of their "entertainment district."

In many places the theater is named after their town, Ganado, Texas, which is the only one I've seen still open!.

The Lavaca, in Port Lavaca, with a  sell out on Velvetene Rabbit, no doubt!

I always swing through Wharton to check on the Plaza.
This is a new find in downtown Rosenberg, home of the Czech Heritage Day Celebration!

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