Sunday, October 10, 2010

Galveston Makes A Comeback

In the fall of 2008, Hurricane Ike hit the Galveston Island with a force not see since the Great Storm of 1900. But unlike New Orleans, which still inflicts self pity from the effects of post Katrina, Galveston decided to pick itself up and come back even better. Here are a few pictures from a recent trip to the island.

The Strand, the historical harbor district located in downtown was hard hit by the storm and while there are still some signs of recovery, overall the business are back in full force.

In the LaKing's ice cream and candy shop a marker indicates how high the waters rose. After being almost eight feet under, the store is in full operation. Salt water taffy anyone?

Nightlife is also coming back as well as some great neon.

Building which are over 100 years old and survived many major storms look great as ever and tourists are coming back to the island.

Galvestoians have always rebounded after the storms and this spirit is reflected in both the artwork found around the island and faces of the people who call GAlveston home.

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