Friday, May 8, 2009

Long Distance Road Trip ~ St. Louis Part 2

This isn't your father's tourist spot! The St. Louis river front offers plenty of "touristy" things to do. There is the Arc and Gateway Museum (great) and the riverbout casino(not so much. But, along the river you'll find some of the oldest traces of early St. Louis in the old warehouse district.

Train tressels crossing from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. Three levels of tracks run along the river front.

Union Electric Light and Power Company - Ashley Street Powerhouse
An enormously-scaled generating station, whose Classical detailing stands in surreal contrast to the rusting industrial accoutrements projecting beyond its pilasters and false pediments.

Brick Streets in the LaCede's Landing area are reminents of the oldest part of St. Louis.

Just what is a "Star Blood" brick?

Streets are marked with heavy steel signs embedded into the sidewalk. This is the street closest to the river in LaCede's Landing. I guess they seldom have anyone stealing these babies.

This is the Beck & Corbitt Iron Company dating back to 1875.

Warehouse Number 3 of the D & E Company, more St. Louis warehouses are viewable at Built St. Louis.

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