Sunday, February 15, 2009

McKinney's worth a closer look...

McKinney's downtown square and surrounding blocks reflect a rich mix of the town's past. Here are a few "detail" pictures from decades gone by.

I first thought this was an old "Hamms" beer sign, but on closer inspection I found this to be the former home of "Hamm's Home Glazed Hams" specializing in Beef, Pork, and Cheese.

This detail,from a building located on the corner of Virginia St. and Kentucky St., appears to be from the art deco period of the 1930's and has a Precolumbiam look.

The Pope building located on the SE corner of the square also shows its Art Deco heritage. Built in 1935, it has the same look of some of the buildings at the fair grounds in Dallas which were built for the 1936 State Centennial.

1967 was the year of the "Hemisfair" celebration in San Antonio.
This Ford XL still wears a Hemisfair license plate. And near perfect chrome.

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David Thompson said...

Those deco buildings look fantastic. There is so much art deco tucked away it is good to see it come to light