Tuesday, July 13, 2010

" ...'cause she wrote it on the wall."

With credit to Mr. Chuck Berry, you can tell a lot about a place by looking at the writing (and pictures) on their walls.

On another trip to Dallas I had the time to go back down to Deep Ellum and eat at the new Pepe and Mito's (located on Elm St.) and I found a man's man barbershop next door. Only in Deep Ellum...

This mural on the side of the barber shop is a testament to the spirit of one of Dallas' oldest commercial areas and also the newness of it all.

Across the parking lot is this mural featuring Dallas celebrities, gee which one's J.R.?

Now, forward into the past. This ghost sign boasts "only twenty three hours from Dallas to St. Louis" on the T&P. A trip that today only takes about two hours by air, but I sure it's just not as restful as a T&P Luxoliner, with FREE reclining chairs and sleepers if you're going to Nashville!

Closer look at the T&P logo, now serving "New Opleus"!.